About the Exit Velocity blog

The Author

The Exit Velocity blog is written by Ed McCauley, a Higher Education administrator specialising in Quality. I have over ten years’ experience working in HE, first at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and currently at Keele University.

Blog topics

This blog may cover any subject in Higher Education impacted, influenced, or otherwise illuminated by what I’m going to simply call Quality. The term is wide-ranging and impacts across University life. I have a particular interest in quality processes / frameworks and enhancement projects.

Why ‘Exit Velocity’?

  1. It’s an HE-speak phrase used to describe ‘launching’ students into a post-degree world: the link between students and quality is intrinsic (albeit one dimension of the quality agenda along with supporting excellence in teaching and learning; monitoring and accountability etc.);
  2. The exit or ‘escape’ velocity is the speed required to break free of the earth’s gravitational pull and this is perhaps a clunky metaphor for the effect created by the fast rate of change in HE at the present time.


All views expressed here are my own, or at least my interpretation of things I’ve heard, and are not affiliated in any way with my employers, past or present.


Feedback on blog posts is welcome.

You can also follow me on Twitter: @edmccauley


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