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A new model for TNE review

A new model for TNE review

In February 2017 QAA published its handbook for Transnational Education (TNE) Review, which is one part of the new quality assessment framework conceived by HEFCE with QAA winning the tender to undertake this particular area of work. TNE Review is ‘the review process through which QAA, on behalf of the funding bodies and the sector … Continue reading

TNE Review heading for the long grass

Since my post of 2nd June 2014 covering the consultation results for a proposed review method for transnational education, the announcement by HEFCE regarding future arrangements for quality assurance casts doubt on whether there will be a separate method. The consultation report concluded that TNE (Transnational Education) review and Higher Education Review (HER) should be … Continue reading

Higher Education Review: post-publication report

This post serves as an update to a previous post on the QAA’s ‘Higher Education Review’ consultation. The revised review method has since been published for use from 2013/14 onwards. Summary: the QAA’s Chief Executive notes that the QAA have taken heed of the consultation responses in many areas. A basic analysis reveals that where … Continue reading

Thoughts on the Quality Assurance Review Method

NB: this post relates to the consultation on Higher Education Review, April 2013 The Government’s Higher Education white paper, ‘Students at the heart of the system’ (June 2011) has been, in lieu of the promised Higher Education bill, the instruction manual for recent reforms in the sector. We have already seen changes in areas such … Continue reading